Money vs Legal Tender – Deceptions, Dupes & Dots

Let us take a break from the hustle & bustle loaded to the gills with nastiness and mayhem. Consider some information cookies during the Christmas holiday down time, not without a few lumps of coal. The deceptions are deep; the ranks of dupes are legion; connecting the dots is not so easy. Despite the constant stream of deception and the steady interference by the well-meaning but all too often simpletons in the madding crowd mixed with sheep, the story can be rather extensively told. It takes the new skill of connecting the dots, along with a mental stubbornness mixed with a certain measure of insight. The phrase connecting dots was not heard by the Jackass until a few years ago, from my unusual smart buddy UD in Nevada. His many messages over the years often contain the three words CONNECT THE DOTS. With his help and the guiding hand of numerous suspicious astute colleagues, we have made sense of widely scattered information from the battlefield during the global monetary war. After tying stories together, the main themes make for a fascinating spy novel that touches every corner of the world and reaches all our lives. A close examination reveals how the major nations and their leaders have been busy with popular betrayal on a grand scale, during a grand Paradigm Shift. The world will turn on more of an eastern axis in the future.

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