Smoking Gun: Global Food Waste Debunks Overpopulation Theory And Humanitarian Aid

Would it be all about money again? To find out, let’s follow Alice down the rabbit hole…

(countdown: time to choose Empathy over Fear)
The UN is quite a paradox onto itself as its reports continue to deliver excellent mathematical clues as why the system ‘is clearly designed to fail’. Yes, you read well and instead of trying to patch its cracks getting larger and deeper it is about time to admit that Global Oligarchy is a ‘cabal’ whose century-long timeline has undeniable track records. Finally, the secret is more obvious than never. The flaws and evidence have become too huge to be concealed. Up to these days, not that many are aware that the UN (the ultimate aim of the cabal) was engineered by the very same club of elitist financiers that plotted the rise and downfall of the Soviets in order to replace Communism with its sugarcoated version, renamed Socialism. Isn’t the ‘Communist Manifesto’ in favor of almighty elites ruling over the means of production (7th Plank), progressive taxation (2nd Plank) and centralization of credit (5th Plank) after all? As we shall see, Karl Marx must be laughing in his grave as you read this. This column isn’t meant to take side but demonstrate that the system is utterly broken – beyond repair – and that we have to let it go in order to rebuild a new one from scratch. What kind of a system do we have left but Capitalism, would you ask? It is about time to quit thinking in these terms. The Right vs Left paradigm is a diversion preventing from seeing what is really going on while truth is hidden in plain sight. However, this being said, genuine Capitalism has never existed for long periods of time over the course of Human History and thus remains above all a theory for scholars and economists to fight over. Moreover, our current system has nothing to do with Capitalism at all, in a way a movement such as ‘Occupy Wallstreet’, against Capitalism, is mis/disinformed. This being said and let’s face it: what we now globally have is a ‘Fascistic Triumvira’ composed of corporations, central banks and governments that have caged the Human Race in a prison that is so vast that bars and fences are invisible.

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