Derivatives Market Species Origins – Abuse, Props and Risks

The topic of financial derivatives is a huge can of worms. The subject has arisen in the financial press much more in the last few years since the global financial crisis turned critical and became a clear case of grand struggle to prevent a veritable collapse. In a loose sense, the derivatives are the scotch tape, bailing wire, band-aids, and chewing gum holding the system together, the glue and adhesive, with rose colored glasses used with a large amount of deception. Another analogy preferred for usage by the Jackass is the floating fabricated foundation laden with vaporous illicit toxic fabric, the phony platform on which insolvent structures lie. That the big banks do not serve well as credit engines or investment crucibles is no surprise. They are insolvent, and their derivative foundation is fractured. It is very difficult to explain how the derivatives serve as foundation. Imagine a spinning wheel, spinning very fast, except that the flat disk has almost zero mass. It spins so fast that it appears to serve as a platform which can support weight. Its floor is mentioned more than seen. It is fake, an illusion.

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