Buy Facebook Now for Gains up to 76%

This post Buy Facebook Now for Gains up to 76% appeared first on Daily Reckoning.

Today, I’m going to show you how to bag a gain of up to 76% on Facebook shares- maybe within a month!

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A Way to Play the Tech Bubble – Even If it Bursts

This post A Way to Play the Tech Bubble – Even If it Bursts appeared first on Daily Reckoning.

“Tech is in a bubble. Get out while you can!”

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How to Make 900% Returns in Less than 12 Months

We recently received this question from a reader:

“Matt & Wayne, I like your weekly articles a lot. They’re really informative.  Unfortunately, I can’t invest in the opportunities you write about because I’m not an “accredited investor.” I know the laws around this are changing soon, but is there anything I can do right now to make money from your ideas?”

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The One Thing Every Successful Startup Investor Knows

Can you imagine losing $119 billion in a single day?

That might sound like an impossible amount of money to lose in any amount of time, but in the high-stakes world of startups, it really can happen in a day.

And whenever there’s a “loser” in a zero-sum situation like this, there’s also a “winner.” The difference between the two?

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Twitter IPO Hits Pay Dirt From Data Mining

Facebook (FB)… Groupon (GRPN)… Zynga (ZNGA)… Angie’s List (ANGI).

When we saw a rash of social media companies like these go public, I was skeptical.

To me, while their services were popular, their business models – their actual way of monetizing that popularity – didn’t seem very secure, never mind lucrative.

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The Ingenious Back Door into the Twitter IPO

Hindsight is always 20/20.

Every investor I know can reflect on “the one that got away.” The blockbuster investment that they missed the boat on.

Twitter actually has another, lesser-known version of GSV. And when Twitter goes public, I believe there’s more upside in this company…

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2 Better Ways to Play Twitter’s IPO

Here we go again, right?

If you’re cynical, you’re not alone.

Our reaction? Caution flag!

Anyone remember Facebook (FB)?

When the stock went public on May 18, 2012, it opened at $42.05. Giddy investors who piled in then saw shares slump to under $20 just three months later. Only in the past couple of weeks has the stock returned to its IPO level.

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Here Comes the (Cat) Bride

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The Six Most Fascinating Technology Statistics Today

“Absolutely first-rate when it comes to spotting big-picture trends before they come into focus.”

That’s how Fortune’s Andy Serwer described Wall Street analyst turned venture capitalist, Mary Meeker, in a profile back in 2006.

He’s (still) right. And since we’re all about spotting big trends early, Meeker is worth our attention.

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